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What Our Customers Say

Peggy is amazing at designing custom cakes. If you have a particular cake design in mind, she can make it happen! Her cakes taste delicious!  She is well worth the hour-long drive we have taken many, many times to pick up cakes from her! Meg S

Any vision I’ve ever had for a cake, Peggy has brought it to life. I’ve ordered nine cakes from her so far and each one has been beautiful and tasted amazing! Her flavors are so unique and absolutely delicious! She truly puts her heart into her cakes and it always shows. Sarah S


Not only was our cake stunning, it was delicious! I mean absolutely delicious! It was the most beautiful cake our family had ever seen. At the venue, people passing by our party room headed to other parties were stopping to rave over it. Peggy is so talented and I am so glad God saw fit for us to cross paths! I can’t wait to order my next cake; she is now my forever cake lady. Anika B

Our cake was a huge hit! All the guests were asking afterwards who made it. It was so beautiful and the taste was absolutely perfect. Peggy makes the best cake we've ever had! Dania C

Peggy is amazing and has a special gift. My family loved the cake; the taste was pure heaven! She will always be my baker. Deketrice D

Peggy is a perfectionist! I'm a repeat customer because she makes the most beautiful and most delicious cakes I have ever eaten. 

Denise W

Our grandchild's cake was hands down the most beautiful cake I've ever seen and the most delicious cake I've ever tasted. Peggy is quite the artist and very talented! Diane D

The cake Peggy made for us was amazing and got rave reviews. Two of our guests said they didn't even like cake, but they each ate their entire piece and then asked to take a piece home! I could eat an entire tub of Peggy's chocolate chip cookie dough filling! She's the best! Haley S

Peggy is the best. She worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life for our wedding! Keleshia P

Peggy is awesome! The cake was a hit! Everybody was asking about it! It was amazing and tasted so good! LeeTycha B

I'm so thankful for Peggy and her talent. She has made my children's cakes all their lives and each one has been absolutely perfect and delicious! Her cakes are always a big highlight of our parties. I literally plan which day we'll have our parties around her schedule. Birthdays are just not complete without a Peggy cake! Lindsey H


There are no words to describe how talented this sweet lady is. Peggy is a true artist! She absolutely put her heart and countless hours into creating our cake masterpiece and it was delicious! She exceeded my expectations and was delightful to work with. Thank you, Peggy, for making our dream come true! Mary Alice B


I've literally never had a cake that tastes as good as Peggy's. Robin N


Peggy made our cake and it was absolutely stunning. The best part was that it was delicious down to the last piece. I enjoy great tasting cake and this one topped them all! Vivian J

Peggy’s cakes are amazing. That’s because she puts so much time and attention into making sure they're perfect. But it's not just the design; she puts even more care into using quality ingredients to ensure her cakes taste as good as they look. Her cakes are decadent and flavorful, every time. Because of a severe sweet tooth, I’ve had many cakes and cupcakes from famous chain bakeries, but none of them compare to Peggy’s. Peggy Does Cake, and she does it well! Alisha S

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