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Read each description carefully. Most tutorials found in this shop are "partner tutorials" made by respected and admired cake friends (and heroes) of Peggy Does Cake. I have read through every single tutorial in my shop and whole-heartedly endorse each one. I am particular and only support and promote tutorials that I deem helpful, relevant, and quality.

Tutorials not created by Peggy Does Cake represent the opinions and views of their creators, and should not be construed to be the views or opinions of Peggy Does Cake.

The PDF tutorials are emailed directly to your inbox, usually within a few minutes.

Please check the primary email address you have registered for Facebook, as the tutorial will be sent to that account automatically. (To check your primary email address, go to your personal profile and choose 'Update Info' under your cover photo. Then scroll down to find 'Contact Info' in the right hand panel. Click 'Edit' to ensure that the first email address listed is still accessible by you. This is the address the tutorial will be sent to.)

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