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How it's Made

Not all cakes are created equal!

A beautiful cake means nothing if your guests aren't raving over how delicious it is.


I make everything fresh from scratch, including my fillings, icings, ganache, batter, fondant – even my own vanilla. If I make a lemon cake, the lemon curd is made to order from fresh lemons. Strawberry cakes are made by reducing fresh strawberries.


I use organic ingredients as much as possible. My buttercream is made using butter only, never shortening. I finish all my fondant cakes in chocolate ganache (white chocolate, milk chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, or dark chocolate). If you’ve never had ganache, it’s lush. It’s similar to what’s inside a Lindt truffle, just chocolate and cream.


My fondant is homemade from nothing more than marshmallows, confectioner’s sugar, pure vanilla, and a bit of shortening. For those who claim not to like fondant, let me assure you that not all fondant is created equal. Mine is really lovely with a mild taste something akin to cotton candy. Because my fondant is homemade, I am able to roll it thin, so you really taste the cake and ganache underneath. 

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