RECIPE: Strawberry Buttercream

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Q:  What do these 4 cakes have in common?

A:  Strawberry buttercream filling!

Remember way back, like 2 days ago, when I shared with you how to make strawberry reduction and then told you to add it into your buttercream?  I was afraid you wouldn’t if I didn’t come back  here and SHOW you, firsthand, why you should.


Mix up (or thaw) a batch of crusting buttercream or a batch of Swiss meringue buttercream and then whip up a batch of Strawberry Reduction.  Using very scientific and Nasa-calibrated measurements, toss a glob of reduction into your buttercream.

strawberry 6 strawberry butter cream 2

Fold loosely.  It’s nice to have big hunks of strawberry stuff.

strawberry 9 strawberry butter cream

I love to use the reduction as a spread (directly on to cake) first, and then add some of the strawberry buttercream.  (Here I’ve dammed the cake with piped white chocolate ganache).

laced cake ganache dam

filling cake stacked

Just layer it up, get it iced, and go!

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Happy baking!

~ Peggy



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