Peggy Does Cake FB 75,000 Giveaway!

Recognize what’s in this photo?  It’s a ‘state of the art’ airbrush gift set for making custom cakes.  And it can be YOURS.  In fact, it can be yours and yours and yours – because I’m giving away THREE of them.
To celebrate 75K followers, I’m partnering with Dawn Butler of Dinkydoodle Designs by Dawn Butler to give away three (3) awesome airbrush gift packages to three (3) lucky winners!
To enter, click HERE or visit Peggy Does Cake on Facebook HERE and use the big blue “Giveaway” icon at the top of page.
Giveaway begins at 12:01 A.M. on Sunday, October 6th (stay up until midnight Saturday night and then enter when the clock strikes 12, woo!) and it’s open through midnight Saturday, October 12th (Central Time). 

Our three (3) lucky winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter and will be notified via email. 


Click my flyer to see a bigger version and check out the prize packages in better detail:


Thank you to the incredibly generous Dawn Butler for making this giveaway a reality!



893 thoughts on “Peggy Does Cake FB 75,000 Giveaway!

    • Started decorating cakes a few years ago and LOVE IT…Started playing with fondant last year for my Daughters Sweet 16 and it was AMAZING! WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE AIRBRUSH KIT AND INCREASE MY SKILLS…Have a lot of people interested in more complex cake decorating and could get a lot of orders, maybe make it a cottage business for myself :)

  1. This will open a new and beautiful world of cake art to me. Airbrushes r pretty expensive in India and with limited resources at my disposable this competition will help me expand my cake decorating skills and provide a wider range of cake art for my customers.

  2. Congratulations on your achievement. I am a home baker and cake decorator. I’ve been baking as a hobby ( sometimes a paid hobby :) ). Winning one of the airbrushes will certainly take my cakes to a whole new level and give me the edge that I need to transform my cake hobby into a home business.

  3. Really love to win this giveaway, I’m home baker I really enjoy decorate cookies and cakes, and I’m begging a new business so, this is great to have an airbrush. Thanks

  4. Congrats on so many likes, an awesome achievement! I so would love this kit as i love cake decorating and being creative. I’m trying to grow my business and with funds limites.this would be such an a awesome kickstart. Thank you for inspiring us to greater heights!

  5. You are having great Giveaway, thank you! And congratulations on the 75000 fans!
    Why I want to win – so I can make my cakes better and better and batter with each cake :))
    Regards from Cake My Day Cape Town

  6. WOW Peggy! another awesome giveaway of my dream apparatus. My mouth is watering with the possibility!! It was one of my goals this year to get one, but no matter how hard I worked I haven’t managed to save the R2300 it costs here in South Africa. Please help out a fellow self-taught baker/decorator? And BIG CONGRATS on reaching 75K!

  7. I would love to win one of these! I have asked my husband for an airbrush kit for Christmas, but I would love to have it Christmas in October! I would love to be able to create works of art with just a little colored water!

  8. Great achievement and awesome giveaway, I would love to win to aspire to what You Peggy and Dawn have achieved with your decorating skills and creativity, best of luck with your futures and lets look forward to the 100000k, it wont be long :)

  9. Congrats!!! You deserve it!!!! I’d love to win as I’m new to the decorating world and would love an airbrush to add to my challenges. Thanks for the chance :)

  10. I am still pretty new to cake decorating but it is something that I have always wanted to learn and do. My husband bought me the courses for Mother’s Day because he said that I am always giving or helping others, and never expect or want anything in return. My father always told me that I could be anything that I ever wanted to be, and well I have finally found my calling, and something that I truly enjoy doing. I love putting smiles on people’s faces, and love in their hearts when they see the design they had in their mind become reality with their finished cake/dessert. I can’t find it in my heart to buy one because our money is better spent by using it to fight for custody of 3 of our grandbabies in CPS custody, and taking as many trips as I can to spend time with my mother that has been placed in Hospice care. It would truly be a dream come true, and well I guess to show that what goes around does come around by actually getting something for myself.

  11. You are such an inspiration Peggy! I have recently started my own little small business called The Cake Mumma. An airbrush is just totally out of my reach at the moment while I try to build my business. What a wonderful gift this would be! I would be forever grateful xxx

  12. I would like to win so i can start becoming a better cake decorator and help my mom get more into baking because i know she loves it and wants to open a gluten-free bakery because two of my sisters have Celiac disease so I think this will make it easier for her to pursue a more in-depth career in baking! :^)

  13. Congrats on your 75000 likes! I really wanna win this. I can’t afford airbrush its too expensive here in the Philippines. I’m still a student and having my small business with my sister. We are beginners in the baking world. I know this is the chance to expand my knowledge in baking and this will give great opportunities on our small business. Fingers crossed hoping you would give me a chance! Thanks peggy♥

  14. Congratulations on the 75K fans, you totally deserve it! x
    And as for why I would love to win? I have had my eye on it but there is always something more important to spend the money on (kids school shoes/uniform etc) and have spent all the hard earned savings :-( xxx

  15. I’m a self taught hgobby baker who is elated that South Africans get to enter too. Thank you for the opportunity. This would be the beginning of expanding my business to a fulltime job. Looking forward to announcement….. :D

  16. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 75k. My sister is an amazing decorator and has wanted an airbrush for a very long time, but has never had the chance to get one. I would love to win this for my sister.

  17. I would love to win this prize, because: I have recently started my own baking business. This kit will help me produce more wonderful cakes for my dear customers, friends and family. It is just way too expensive to buy the kit and the colours for a new starter. Please, please let me win one of these. Thanks Peggy! :-)

  18. Congrats on 75000 likes!

    I have a small cake decorating company all the way down in South Africa and importing awesome things like a Dinkydoodle design airbrush is not easy or cheap. I’m dying to start experimenting with airbrush effects on my cakes so it would be so cool to be one of the winners in this competition :)

  19. omg! 75 k! not easy but you deserve it. I hope someday reach your level. Actually I would love to win because it is not easy to find this in Mexico Much less in the city where I live and this tool would help me to keep learning and growing and also to keep fighting for my 4 babies and give them a better life, beacuse they desserv it too! I wholeheartedly wish to continue the successes and follow filling us with beautiful things and fantastic. and though I did not win you have my full admiration, XOXOXO

  20. I would love to be able to afford this but I never could so Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these and Congratulations on a well earned 75K. I would use this to start a new adventure in cake decorating and expand my repertoire.

  21. Hi Peggy! Congrats for 75,000 and rising!! :)
    And Chapeau for a very generous GIVEAWAY!
    I’ve been dreaming of purchasing an airbrush for some time, it would make my cakes look a lot more professional! I’d love to win!! ♥

  22. Hi Peggy Winning one of the airbrushes will certainly take my cakes to a whole new level and give me the edge that I need to transform my cake hobby into a home business. I really really wana win this. I will raise Cape Town roof with airbrush cakes :D

  23. beautiful and rich Giveaway, participate and share willingly. I would like to win to continue to deepen my skills and develop a great manual with high quality products

  24. Hola Peggy, cada día me gusta superarme más en cuánto a el mundo de la pastelería y sobre todo decoración de tortas. Hace rato busco en Argentina insumos de este tipo para poder aprender, ya que en este pais no conozco profesionales que puedan colorear una torta completa como si fuese un cuadro (si algunos lo utilizan para dar detalles de sombras o cosas pequeñas), pero me encantaría poder obtener algo que sea de GRAN utilidad, y sobre todo que provenga un premio tan importante de una creadora fantástica de tortas. Sería un regalo fabuloso y algo que JAMAS en la vida se olvida. Un abrazo enorme desde la Patagonia Argentina.

  25. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous prizes. I would love to win one of the prizes. I recently finished college (Interdisciplinary Studies) and am working on a teachers certification. It would take me several years to be able to afford any one of these. I have always loved to bake cakes and have recently finished the Wilton courses. I am still a beginner and am loving working with gumpaste. This would make the world of difference in my gumpaste creations. Thanks again!

  26. I do cakes because I love to bake, and to help support my disabled hubby and myself. I’m a retired Police Officer from a small County in MD, and pension is tight, so any assistance here or there, helps. Winning outstanding equipment would just be the bomb!

  27. I am pretty much a beginner – I’ve been decorating cakes for just over 6 years….. and it’s not just a hobby – it’s an obsession!! I would dearly love an airbrush but with two little people it’s not something that I could justify anytime soon. Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky ones!

  28. Congrats on 75 k Peggy, I totally need to win this ….because…..After insisting to my hubby that I absolutely totally needed a cricut cutter and never using it I’m too scared to ask for an airbrush in case I’m too stupid to master it lol

  29. I would love to win so I can start my dream of making beautiful cakes,always have wanted to start but could never afford it and this will help me out so much.

  30. Many congratulations!

    I would like to win this and take my cake decorating to an entirely new level.

    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  31. I started just baking cakes for family & friends. Then my husband lost his job &started selling them for small price. Just so can buy want our baby needs &stuff. Since husband still doesn’t have steady job it helps. with trying to make ends meet. If I win this airbrush it will so help with bein able to make better cakes with faster decorating. It will help me take my cake decorating to next level. Thank you for the opportunity. You are an awesome person for doin this to help others, God bless!

  32. What an amazing prize. I would just love this, ive been looking at them since i started my business in april but just dont have the finance es for one yet. This prize would help me and my business so much :-)

  33. Recently I discovered the magical world of decorating with fondant. I learned a lot (and still learning) about it at the internet. This set would give me the freedom and opportunity to do exactly the kind of cake I want. Because of this I hope to win it. And do even prettier and better cakes! Thank you for this opportunity, Peggy!

  34. Congratulations on your 77000 – wow! Your work is amazing and you deserve all of those likes. To be honest I don’t stand a chance – lol. But I’m going to throw my hat in the ring anyway. I have a 3D dinosaur to do for my son’s birthday and would be great to have…. Where there is a will, there is a way :). Enjoy your day! x

  35. Love your work! I love cake decorating and have been working on learning new skills to grow my arsenal of techniques. I’ve been wanting to learn how to air brush and this would be perfect!

  36. Peggy,

    I am pretty new to your Peggy Does Sweets, but I’m throughly impressed. You make such gorgeous cakes and seem to have so much knowledge. I have Fibromyalgia and four amazing children, but couldn’t raise them properly due to the very small amount of money I get from Social Security Disablility. So when my oldest graduated from 8th grade, I was in charge of the refreshments and wanted to do something special for each of the 40 graduates. I am an avid watcher of the Food Channel, and taught myself from watching episodes of Cake Boss and several other cake decoration shows. I made cute little 4″ individual cakes for the kids, and they were a huge hit. So I continued experiment and make special cakes for everyone in my family during their birthdays. I got so many friends and family telling me that I should start a business that I started checking it out. Since my income is below poverty level…I couldn’t afford to rent a commercial kitchen, that was required to get a license. So, I started making cakes and just selling them to friends and family. I was getting quite a few orders, but because I was charging so little, I was actually losing money. I decided to expand and try to get friends of friends interested in ordering. Then California finally passed the Cottage Food Law…allowing people like me to have a completely legal and licensed home bakery. It was hard for me to scrape the fees together and I’m still struggling after a year of business to get my prices right. I’ve had quite a few cakes that would of looked better with them airbrushed, but I have priced several and I still am unable to afford one. This year has been really tough, because tons of my clients are going healthy and getting rid of sugar in their diets. I use less sugar than most and try not to make things extremely sweet, and my clients seem to like it. But, I still am not making a profit and starting to go into debt. I’m hoping if I keep improving in my skills and what I offer, then more people with think of me when they need something. I already have a killer Red Velvet recipe, but think it would be great to knock it up a notch, and maybe bring in more high paying clients. If I won this I would be the happiest Small Business Owner on the face of the earth. My dream is to open a store front someday. My biggest worry is that I’m going to push myself past my limitations and go to far….in the end being too sick to decorate….which has since become my passion!! Congratulations to all your LIKES…that is just amazing…I’m only up to 170 LIKES. But, you are an amazing cake decorator and wish that I could meet you someday. It would be an honor! I wish all of the entrants luck and hope that who ever wins, will make something even more amazing than they already have. Thank you for this opportunity~ Raven of Raven’s Sweet Creations

  37. Wanting to get this giveaway since the airbrush sets are expensive here in my country… and only a few are selling them! IM A BIG FAN here!!!! I want to make gorgeous cakes just like you! – Kathleen E.

  38. First off congratulations! Your work is touching people around the world. I’m a stay home mom of two learning to cake between tantrums lol! Like any one who cakes I dream of a dinkydoodle (its on my if we manage to win the lottery Christmas list as at the moment my husband is sick and my employer went bust) this prize would be a great help in getting a home business off the ground and getting me out of the benefit system as well as meaning I can be with my kids :)

  39. I would soooooo love to win this, I’m a hobby baker with just a few decorated cakes under my belt so far but I have grand ideas and an airbrush would let me expand my ideas even further. Have tried to convince my hubby it’s an essential bit of kit but so far unsuccessful. Not yet got my own fan page but I’ve shared on my Facebook page! Maybe it’s about time I got one, everyone has to start somewhere! ;)

  40. What a wonderful giveaway! I have wanted to decorate cakes like a professional for my loved ones, and this would really help me do that! *FIngers crossed* :D

  41. I am new in caking industry and I found your site in Facebook until I become a fan of your cake. I always say to myself how I wish I could make beautiful cakes like you so by winning this prices I think I can

  42. Thank you for hosting this great opportunity! I would love to add the Dinkydoodle airbrush system to my collection of tools to help enhance the depth of colour, detail, tone and character to my cakes… I can only imagine the fun that could be had with such a tool in my hand.. I could be the Salvador Dali of the cake world :)

  43. I would like to win the giveaway. My passion is cake decorating and I want to become a a professional. I didn’t even have the chance to try airbrushing, I hope this will soon change. I would love to learn airbrushing, creating awesome cakes :D
    Best wishes,

  44. I want to win because I want to know more about different techniques used in decorating cakes. I am a self taught baker. And all of the pastries that I bake is a result of researching on the internet. I would want to be a successful baker someday. If I win the give away I can help my mom by starting a mini cake business and even widen my knowledge in cake decorating. :)

  45. Hi, realy great givaway. I am food blogger from Croatia, and I would realy like to win one of your prizes because here im my country is wery hard to get airbrushes and they are very expesncive. I follow you on fb, and Im excided about youre every post. :)

  46. I would like to win this giveaway, ‘cos one of my dreams is to have an airbrush kit. I’m a confectioner, I make cakes and cookies, and I would like to increase my knowledge. I’d love to learn airbrushing and make beatuiful cakes which makes people happy. And yes, I wanna win this giveaway ‘cos my birthday will be on 31th October and if I could win this would be the biggest and the best birthday present I have ever got! :-)

  47. Hi Peggy!
    Fabulous competition. Really would love to win this airbrush as I wondered for a long time if I should get one. I decided in July that my cakes need better colour coverage, especially as I am taking orders for bigger cakes.
    Thanks for running this competition. Love your page and your work xx

  48. Hi, I belong to the South African Sugar Decorators Guild – Benoni Branch. We are a small group of ladies who get together to share our knowledge and skills. I would love the prizes so that I can share them with my branch in order to better improve their knowledge and skills so that we can pay it forward. We have a number of ladies who cannot afford many things and we like to share amongst ourselves so that everyone benefits.

  49. OMG! I seriously need a new airbrush! Mine sucks, and the little lever breaks every time I use and I have to constantly pull it apart and put it back together again to get it to work!

  50. I would love to win because simply, I never win anything and this will ve a fabulous item to have as it will help me and take my cake decorating to a whole new level.

  51. First, congratulations on hitting so many followers! That is quite the accomplishment! As for why I would love to win one of these lovely airbrush packages: Well, these are fantastic little machines, and I have had my eye on one forever. But where I live all my decorating supplies must be ordered and shipped in, so it really leaves my profit margin pretty slim. Treats like one of these nifty little packages sits on the back burner until I can save enough money …. which will happen someday after I have customers that no longer ask for something I can’t get locally LOL.

  52. I am a small business enterpreneur in a third world country like pkistan, where these kinds of specialized tools for cake decorating are not easily available. For me, winning would be a dream come true, bcs it isnt easy for me to find this here…..

  53. What a brilliant giveaway ;-) an airbrush system really is every bakers dream piece of equipment but as with most people it is quite out of my reach. I would love to win this for me but also for my kids who help with nearly every cake I make and come up with some of the best ideas. It had been a great way for them to earn pocket money and a lesson in just how hard you have to work sometimes to get it. I’m hoping It’s a lesson that will stock with then throughout life but also that they have learned a skill that will help them along the way. We love a challenge and started doing carved cakes for family and friends about 2 years ago. Trying to create lustre and shading with powders can be difficult and time consuming an airbrush would just make life so easy ;-)

  54. Congratulations on 75000 I dream of this one day. I am a home baker and cake decorator. I’ve been baking as a hobby for ages, trying now to turn it into a business and winning one of the airbrushes will transform my cakes to that next level and give me the opportunity to make my dreams a reality

  55. Hello I have a small home cake decorating business and I have been dreaming of an airbrush kit and trying to source one for a very long time without success, they are not easy to come by. I have wanted to expand my knowledge and skill base and this would be a great opportunity to do this. As I believe that an airbrush would take my cake decorating to a new level, I believe I could inspire others to wand to do the same. Thank you so much for this great chance. Have an amazing day.

  56. A big hug from the Philippines! I’m a homebaker basically learned things by watching youtube videos and rummaging the net for blogs here and there! I’ve been following you since I’ve met Valerie and Christine from Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes! I loved your work as much as I loved theirs! I hope you’d visit the Philippines and share your techniques to us personally! I hope to win your packages! It would be intense if I’d be chosen! :) We don’t get to receive giveaways/ contests that are open for worldwide participants often and I really do hope I get a chance on this one! Love your work and God bless! =)

  57. I’ve been baking and decorating cakes cupcakes and cookies for almost 3 years now and I think i found my calling… Its something i do from home and in asmall scale as i have two part time jobs but i really love it, and i would like to make it my main occupation- this amazing prize would make my work easier and enhance my creations!! Thank you so much for this great giveaway- i feel lucky today!!!

  58. This is a beautiful thing youre are doing here. Im tryin to win this for my sister who has done everything on her own with no help she does amazing cakes as well and is only 23 but shes always wanted one of these to help her with more detail on her cakes goodluck to everyone and thank you again for this wonderful giveaway!

  59. Firstly a well deserved congratulations to you Peggy, you are such an inspiration! I have looked and looked at the DinkyDoodle on the internet, dreamt and dreamt of what I could create but alas it has always been that little bit beyond my reach. To win this would be an absolute dream come true!

  60. I would love to win because I would love to be able to make a cake that would make someone feel the way that I feel when I look at youw beautiful cakes no wonder you have reached so many fans! You are simply an amazing cake decorator! Congrats xXx

  61. Hi Peggey – wooohooo 75K! that is fabulous and so well deserved. i hope you can continue to amaze and inspire the international hobby cake bakers for much much longer. i would love to play and practice with the dinkydoodle kit and to create a super duper birthday cake for my best friend. Big hugs from Germany!

  62. BIG CONGRATS on (now) 77,000 fb “likes”!!! That’s truly amazing!! Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway for your fans. Such a great opportunity for cake decorators like me who can’t afford this! I am recently on extended leave from my job of 15 yrs since I now need to stay home with my special needs son due to his health care requirements. I am doing cakes from my home to supplement my hubby’s income. Winning this would be such a blessing for us and would help me to get started in a big way! Thanks again! Here is a link to my page if you’d like to have a peek :)

  63. Wow, awesome! Both reaching 75000+ and the give-away. I’d love to win to enter a whole new area of cake and cookie decorating. I’ve seen such awesome things people have made with an air brush and I’d love to give it a try as well :)

  64. Hi Peggy,

    I have never WIN a Giveaway before, so WINNING this would be awesome as I have always wanted to get an airbrush set but financial has been an obstacle to spend on them. So, I HOPE YOU PICK ME <3

  65. Congratulations on such a huge milestone!! To win such a fantastic giveaway would allow me to bring my two greatest passions together. Taking art and learning the skills to transfer that from canvas to cake is such and exciting prospect and would take my love of cake decorating to a whole new dimension x

  66. Hi Peggy, I have a passion for cake baking and decorating. Love the cakes I see on your site. You are so professional and I would love to win one of the prizes to try to decorate just like you.

  67. i would love to win this air brushing kit so i can use it in my cake businees its a small business i do from home and it means i can take my cake decorating that little bit further and make great cakes look amazing

  68. This is an awesome giveaway!! Would love to win an airbrush to be able to enhance cake decorating for me and my friend/coworker. We’ve been wanting an airbrush for a while now. Just hard to spend the money all at once for a set up. This would be perfect. :)

  69. Would love to win as im only starting out in my cake business and have an airbrush on my wishlist so wouldn’t it be great to have a wish come true. Thanks for great comp.

  70. Something like this would help to put me one step closer to my dreams. Thank you for offering such a great give away.

  71. wow….congradulations!! I would Love to win this because I’m a new cake baker And barelyy have Any equiment to work with I Enjoy baling soo much but as a stay at home mommy cant afford to buy Any of this equipment! Evento though I honestly nevera ever have won anything… Thanks for the oportunity And greetings from Puerto Rico!!

  72. Hello from Bangladesh! I wouldn’t be able to buy this equipment here even if I could afford it so it would be awesome if I could win one! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  73. Who wouldn’t want to say they “WON it from PEGGY DOES CAKES”? Seriously, a win such as this provides that extra oomph, that vote of confidence and of course, the ability to create, design and pursue one’s passion…in cake creation!

  74. Congratulations on 75k! I would love to win this set because it’s an all inclusive package that would allow me to focus on learning better airbrush technique rather than having to go and shop individually for all the components. Thanks so much for such a fantastic giveaway! I hope I win!

  75. Heck yeah, fantastic giveaway. Why do i want to win this package, well that is simple. I am cake decorator who lost her heart to making cakes. Now my inner airbrush -cake- artist is dying to come out conquer the world of cakes :)

  76. Hi Peggy, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win such amazing prizes!!! I would love to one because they look amazing, I’ve been trying to get one for a while, but I live in Bolivia and it is to expensive, I’t would be so great to win one and improve my techniques, I’ll Keep my fingers crossed!!

  77. Wow, winning this…..would be awesome, who wouldn’t want to win these prizes, any one of them…..wish you could package your talent too – would buy some of that as well ;)

  78. What a fantastic giveaway. I love baking cakes and try to do new things all the time. This would be a great new thing to do. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  79. Winning this would be a dream come true for me to bake wonderfully designed and tasty cakes for everyone including the less fortunate people. Share the love!

  80. I have been decorating cakes for the public for 11 years now and have wished to own a air brush system to take my cakes to the next level, thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize. Melinda Goff

  81. I would love to win. I am a hobby baker and would love to take my cakes to a new level. Thank you for giving away such great prizes. Who ever wins will surely be greatful.

  82. Congratulations! Your work inspires we to one day be as GREAT as you. I would love to win so that I can take my cake decorating to a new level. Thank you for sharing with us wonder work.linda

  83. Love your work!!! Been in the market for an airbrush machine….I just haven’t been able to decided what I want! This would be perfect to make my cakes even more professional looking!!!

  84. Congratulations on your milestone! I’m a hobby baker at the moment and attending college for cake decorating in hopes that it will be my future career. I started making cakes a year and a half ago and have thouroughly enjoyed the journey of learning a new skill. Thank you for this opportunity!

  85. Thank You for a chance to win something I can not afford right now. I have been off work since May of 2009 due to a back injury and have very little resources. I took all the Wilton courses over the last 1.5 years at my local party store and have continued to teach myself through Craftsy and MgGreevey Cakes and other on line resources. I make cakes as a hobby for friends and family and would love to take it to the next level. I have my first paying Wedding Cake gig at the end of the month and would love to exspand my skills to a new level in hopes to one day be in business for myself! Good Luck to everyone out there and Peggy thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Congratulations on making another milestone!!! Hard work is rewarded. I love airbrushing and use it often on my cakes. I would love to have another one for my class. It is often hard to get equipment for my students to use. This would be great for them to learn on.

  87. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize! Also big congrats on such a huge milestone. I always love your posts and look forward to reading your Wednesday words of wisdom…it always cracks me up!

  88. I would love to win because like you, this was a hobby turned into passion and to be able to take my cake decorations to another level would just blow me…I’ve never used it before but I LOVE how it looks***thanx so much for the opportunity

  89. Winning this will save a lot of money in my brother’s wedding budget! I’ve been given the honour to make his cake and it would be even more of a blessing if I could save him this money (and gain some awesome great quality equipment!)

  90. Im just getting started in the business and I would love to win this prize! Im a mother of 4 boys and a baby girl on the way and decided to follow my dream and bake! I know it will be hard but Im ready to put in the work with my husband and family support! Good luck to everyone as well!

  91. 75K is incredible! Mucho congratulations. Gone through two airbrush guns in the past couple of years with as much ‘brushing as I do now. Would be pretty awesome to win one of these prize packs!

  92. It would be great to win!!! I imagining all the great designs I could make owning an airbrush.

    Thanks for this great giveaway and congrats on your milestone. It’s a huge number, isn’t? You’ll be reaching 100K in a wink haha.

  93. I have been wanting to try airbrushing since admiring all the amazing works of cookie art I have been seeing lately. This is a fantastic giveaway and congrats on your major milestone!

  94. I’ve recently gotten into cake decorationg and I have always wanted to try air brushing! I would love to win this!

  95. Congratulations on your milestone.

    I would love to win the air brushing kit, I love cake making and decorating, I never win anything

  96. Cake decorating has always been a passion of mine, and over the past year I’ve really been able to (slowly) build on that and further my interest and working to make something more of it! Eventually I’m hoping to open my own business, so college classes are in the works. I’m working on learning many new techniques and airbrushing is one of the little dreams I wish to learn! I’d love to win one of the airbrush sets! Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. I’d really love to win this bundle. I’ve been searching for a good airbrush system for a long time, and I’d be really excited to try one out on my cake pops! Congrats on the 75,000+ fans, too!

  98. I would love to win this airbrush so I can take my cookies to the next level. I cannot publish in anything except anonymous – so I’ll just tell you here -Karen Meister, Cookie Meister & Kootenay Cake Pops

  99. I would love to win the airbrush so I can add a new element to my cakes. After 16 years of baking/decorating cakes for family and friends I decided to turn my hobby into a career…thus Icings was born. An airbrush set is something I’ve been wanting to purchase but just don’t have the funds for.

  100. I would love to win so I can add a new technique to my skills. I have recently started working at a local cake shop and if I want to advance the more I learn the further I go!

  101. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fantastic giveaway contest!!!! I really need this airbrush, as I’m beginning my new businnes and winning this will help me a lot!!! :)

  102. T H A N K S for doing this for your fans, Peggy! I want to win so I can airbrush stuff & make awesome cakes like you! =)

  103. Oh my goodness this would be amazing. I have always wanted to learn how to do this! ! Congrats to all your success! Love following your page♥

  104. Wow what a generous giveway! I would love to win this not for me but for a generous family member who has been trying to get her cake business going and was kind enough to not only make a beautiful wedding cake for my husband and i for free but also just the cupcakes a cake and cookie favors for my moms wedding 3 weeks ago also for free. This would be a wonderful surprise for her. Thank you for posting such a great giveaway!

  105. congratulations!
    I am a current home baker, recently graduated with honors from George Brown College for Culinary Arts from the Baking and Pastry Arts program. This set could really give me the edge I need to set me apart from my talented fellow home bakers in my community. :)

  106. I have a great fear of the airbrush. I am now ready to get over it and learn how to add dimension and colour to my cakes and decorations. I won’t be afraid anymore.
    Congrats on surpassing the 75k mark, amazing!

  107. I really need to win this. Your cakes are so awesome. I have always wanted to learn air brushing and cake decorating techniques and this would make a world of a difference in my skills and improving my life as well.

  108. Congrats Peggy on your milestone. I would love to win this giveaway as the competition closes the day after my birthday (which is also a milestone) and it would make an awesome birthday present.

  109. I would love to win the prize. I haven’t had a chance to experiment with airbrushes yet and this would be a great excuse to do so.
    Thanks and congratulations on your new benchmark

  110. Hi Peggy! I really would love to win this prize as Baking has always been my passion and being a self-taught one, it’s more than a little present for me on my upcoming halloween birthday! Congratulations for your 75K milestone!

  111. I have recently become obsessed with mixed media cakes. After wondering about what my signature cake skill would be I think this is it….an Airbrush like the one from Dawn would be amazing to have…..I can think of so many possibilities…:)

  112. I would love to win as I’ve seen the stunning creations and works of art that can be achieved. Being able to get the whole package of everything I would need in one hit has got to be worth it!!

  113. Wow, congrats on the 75k!! That’s impressive :)
    I would love to win the airbrush kit, as I have always been amazed with the technique and cannot wait to try and master the art.

  114. First of all … congrats on the 75K … you must be excited big time :D
    I think you have chosen a great giveaway. Why would I like to win? Who wouldn’t? But honestly I am doing cakes my self and I more and more come into the moments where I would wish to own one to add the final touch. Besides that I never win,so how great would it be if that would be different this time ;)
    Lots of cake love

  115. It is such a privilege to partake in this giveaway. Love your work,its an inspiration and encouragement to a home baker like me. Winning the prize of this giveaway would be a dream come true. I hope i get it- an air brush machine! that’s a big WOW for me

  116. What an amazing prize!
    I would love to win because I would blow everyone away with wonderfully, airbrushed cakes and cookies (once I learn from the DVD and book ;-D)

  117. Congrats Peggy! For your 75k fans. I would love to win your giveaway coz I’m a doctor by profession but baker by profession and love to do new things. An airbrush would greatly enhance my cake decorating skills. Many congrats once again.

  118. What a fabulous giveaway. Like just about everyone else – I’d love to win this as there’s no other way I can afford a airbrush. Having one would add such a dimension of realism to the cakes I bake.

  119. Thankyou for the fab competition, I’d love to win so I can see my name on your page ;) I’m a hobby baker whose skill level doesn’t match up to my aspirations, yet. I hope airbrushing skills would help that. x

  120. WOW 75000 likes… it’s the kind of dream scenario! you totally deserve it, you are so amazingly talented!! I would love to win an airbrush kit.. with an airbrush that creative spirit I have to keep a ‘realistically achievable’ lid on could be set free… scary and exciting all at once :D

  121. What a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win one of the spectacular prizes. It would help me expand my skills and make more professional cakes for my friends and families. I’m trying to start a word of mouth business with my cakes, cupcakes and cookies, so it would be great to have a professional tool to add to my kitchen.

  122. Congratulations on 75,000 followers, that’s Awesome!!!! I would Love to win such an amazing prize because I recently graduated from Pastry School and I absolutely loved the cake decorating part of the curriculum. It would be great if I could continue to do that and be able to bring that extra artistic creativity to my cakes and give that to my clients as well.

  123. Congratulations for a massive 75k followers – but your work is totally worth it. So, why not give away one of the prize sets to a home caker who really likes your work and appreciates all the sharing you do? Well, just think of us :) You and Dawn are an inspiration to us!

  124. Hi Peggy, wow, this is one generous giveaway! My husband would die for one of these prizes (so that he wouldn’t have to buy one for me), but, well, since luck with such giveaways is normally not on our side, well, he’ll just have to cash in :)
    Though, well, one has to hope, at least :)

  125. If there is one thing that im dying to buy/add to my cake tools its an airbrush.. But then, like the endless molds and cookie cutters i collect, these are not available for 2 digit bucks.. They are for a few hundred bucks.. Hence i’ve been postponing buying one.. Have participated in 100’s of cake related giveaway so far, just bcoz im not losing anything by participating.. But i would sincerly hope i would win something its definately this air brush. Fingers crossed :) And hearty congrats on your milestone. Way to go..

  126. Although I have been airbrushing for years, it has only been on canvas or paper. I would love to try it on cake and having a brush like this just to do that would be a great opportunity to do that!

  127. Congratulations on your huge achievement. I’m a big fan and a home baker and cake decorator. I’ve been baking as a hobby for friends and family :). Winning one of the airbrushes will certainly take my cakes, cookies and cupcakes to a whole new level and give me the edge that I need to transform my cake hobby into a serious business.

  128. I see so many beautiful cakes decorated with an airbrush it’s something I would love to be able to do. Unfortunately an airbrush is so out of my reach, winning one would be “the icing on the cake!!!!!!”

  129. CONGRATULATIONS PEGGY!!!!! I would ♥ to win this because I couldn’t justify the cost of purchasing a Dinkydoodle airbrush as I’m a hobby cake decorator. I love cake decorating. I’ve been inspired by you and others on Facebook and YouTube. So can I now wait for the package to arrive? LoL

  130. Thank you Peggy for this opportunity. This would be an awesome addition to my growing cake decor collection. I learn more and more everyday and this would help to further my cake decorating knowledge.

  131. Hi, what a fantastic giveaway. I would love to win this! I am fairly new to the world of cake/cookie decorating and this would be a fantastic addition to my cake tools. I’m already daydreaming of all the amazing creations I would attempt to make.
    Congratulations on your milestone!

  132. If I were to win the airbrush I could very much be the first one to ever use it in my country and surely in my town. That’s why I so very much would like to win <3

  133. OMG This is great! I’m a self taught cake decorator and I’ve been wanting to give airbrushing a try! This is a great opportunity to get the equipment and the classes all at the same time! I’m dying to learn this new technique. Than you for this amazing giveaway!!!

  134. I would love to win an airbrush system! As a new cake decorator this is something I would really love to get into! Fingers crossed!

  135. I can’t believe you only have 75000 likers. Your work is so fantastic I don’t know how anyone can not like your page the second they see it. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all of us.

  136. I would love to win this amazing prize for so many reasons… Mostly that I want to learn how to airbrush, and the unit that I bought is VERY cheap and doesn’t work well at all. I’d love to try my hand with some quality equipment!

  137. too many people want to win, it means that the competition is huge, I’m kind of new in the business I’m trying to learn as many techniques I can but airbrushing was really expensive, I hope to win as all the other people do, but I really wanted to win to be able to make people’s dream cake true… I didn’t take courses, everything I’ve done is through youtube or drawings that friends gave me. So Thank you for taking your time and read all of this post.

  138. As I never win anythin here in Brazil, maybe I can win this amazing kit to get my cakes better!
    I’m in love with your posts!!

  139. Hi Peggy!
    Congratulations on your big accomplishment.
    I would love to win one of the airbrush sets. After very difficult few years (betrayal, ugly divorce, serious illness, depression) I’m finally getting back on my feet mostly thanks to cake decorating. After dreaming about it for a long time I took some decorating classes this spring and it turned out I found my calling. In no time I started baking and decorating for order and now I’m starting my own business and going to the culinary school. All of this is a slow process and I constantly wrestle with some money issues, but I’m determined, believe in success and step by step move up to reach my goal. Having the airbrush set could help me “jump” few steps ahead. It would open so many new possibilities that otherwise would be closed for me as there is no way I could afford such a set on my own right now. It would be fantastic to be able to learn new techniques and take my creations to the next level and become a true artist.

  140. I love the idea of this giveaway, I have been making cakes for awhile just never get the chance to buy it myself before paying out my bills. Never have won anything before and probably wont now but I’m still trying. Just like when I play the lottery always a loser. lol

  141. Congratulations for your 75k fans!!! Your cakes a so amazing, I hope to decorate like that some day.
    That kit is a dream come true!!! I wish I could have it, it’s really hard to find anything like that where I live ( and any other thing to decorate a cake!!!). Please, choose me :D

  142. Awesome giveaway!!! I have never airbrushed before but am excited to start!!! Would be a perfect opportunity!!! Whoop, whoop!!!

  143. I’m ready to kick it up a bit…airbrushing is not a skill I have been able to acquire. I would love to win these awesome tools to nudge my skills up the ladder! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  144. You have truly been blessed with an AMAZING gift Peggy! Thank You for Paying It Forward with this contest! I’ve been eyeballing an airbrush kit for many years but have never purchased one in the 15 years I’ve been making baked goods.

  145. Great giveaway! I never owned one and have been wanting to buy one for my cakes….it will take them to another level and also help fulfill orders and not turn custom orders away!

  146. I would love to win this cause I am starting my cake business soon and it would be an incredible thing to add to my cake toys! chances are slim but fingers are crossed!

  147. This is my passion! I am opening a store front in just the next few months it would be so great to win! I love what you do thanks for the opportunity!

  148. Hi Peggy!! Congrats on 75,000!! I would love to win this contest so that I can learn to airbrush! I am a self taught cake decorator and this would be perfect for me!!! Thank you and congrats on all of you successes!!

  149. Hello all the way from South Africa :) Congratulations on your amazing achievement. Winning this prize would give my cakes the edge I need to turn my cake hobby into a cake business.

  150. I would love to win this prize as here in South Africa we do not get such absolutely STUNNING things like this, if we want it we would have to order in and our currency is not worth much so it works out expensive. I am trying to get things in that you don’t get in this country to make myself unique. I do not want to go into my life story but started cake decorating as I was laid off 3 years ago, and due to the economic state of our country am only able to get contract jobs. The little money I get I try and get things in that will benefit me and help me make a bit of money. I LOVE your page, it costs me nothing to look at your stunning creations and that of others. Thank you for allowing us to do this.

  151. I am a home baker and would love to create beautiful masterpieces like you someday. Having an air-brush kit will definitely help me in that direction. Hoping to win and keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

  152. I would love to win this fantastic prize as i am starting business in February and this would help me to make fantastic cakes for my customers.I can’t afford every thing i need so going in with the bare minimum of items. If i won this it would help me out so much to get the things that would proberly take me a very long time to get and i would be over the moon. Who ever wins is a very lucky person. sandy from

  153. So great to see how many liers you have on FB. And ofcourse I’d like to win a prize in your give away :-)
    Even the simplest one would make me so happy. Tried some hand painting on cakes but with airbrush, colours will set much prettier on cakes I believe and you can fade them.
    And if I don’t win 1 of your prizes? Well, my bad :-) I’ll just have to save up to buy me one somewhere next year :-)

  154. I’m from Malaysia, located in between Thailand and Singapore. I hope to win this price so much from you. My wife is a self taught decorator and designer. she do have talent in art but i want this price as her birthday present. I want her to have this great present so that she will be able to learn all the difference skill and Technic to upgrade herself. I always admire your generosity and helpfulness to others. I really want to win this price as her birthday as a give from you.

  155. It would be amazing to win this prize, I’ve been cake decorating since I was 18 and now I’m 20 and just given birth to my son and left work it seems like the perfect time to focus more on cakes full time. I am currently trying to save for some more equipment but its a slow process!!

  156. Would love to win because I make decorated cookies and the airbrusher would give me the chance to increase the designs of cookies!

  157. Congrats with so many followers. I woud love to win this great dream is to have more time to bake and decorate.. and getting a wonderful tool as this would give me that extra kick to use time to do more decorating .

  158. I enjoy baking and are always looking for new ways to enhance this art of ours. We started from the bottom but now we’re here! Whoop! Whoop!! We need to explore our creative abilities! Yeah!!! …and winning this essential tool….wait & see……

  159. Why I would love to win this? To be unique around the area here with all those cake decorators and lifting my decorating skills to a higher level. Besides that, after losing my stepdad and biologic dad, I could really use a surprise but that’s besides the big reason mentioned above. Love Danielle

  160. Id love to win because well I never win anything in any contest! And I would love to make my business grow even more and need good quality equipment! Your Work is amazing btw! Thank you for having a wonderful contest! It will definitely help someone out.

  161. I would love to win because I aspire to be the best at what I do. Passion, skill, and perseverance can only get you so far. The right tools such as an air brush machine will allow for so much more growth and opportunity.

  162. I am loving making cookies, looking at cookies, and especially the amazing people in the online cookie community. How I would love to meet many in person! You are awesome, the giveaway is awesome, thank you for being so kind!

  163. I am amazed at the prize giveaway you gals came up with, so generous. Why do I want to win? I have been dying to work with an airbrush in my cake designs. Since I’m in between jobs and only doing cakes as a hobby I don’t have the funds to splurge on expensive tools. It would be truly amazing if I won, my 1st piece would be in honor of both you and Dawn. Good luck to all.

  164. Thanks, Peggy, such a great giveaway!! congrats on the 75K!
    I’m a hobby baker and would love to win – here in South America (Argentina) it’s impossible to get one of these, so I would be thrilled!! :-)

  165. I would love to win this fantastic prize, i have been hobby baking for the last couple of years, enjoy it so much that i go in to another world when decorating, i do cake decorating instead of retail therapy. I would love to learn more sophicated stuff which i’m sure this prize would help. Thanks

  166. I work with the elderly at an ALF (assisted living facility). I love my work but the pay is not that great. I try really hard to do creative and fun things for my residents. Winning this would make things just a bit easier for me when making my cakes and candies. Thanks for the chance

  167. Have wanted to learn to airbrush for quite a while and this would be a way to start off with some of the best equipment and techniques, the possibilities would be endless for what I could learn to do.

  168. Hi Peggy congrats, me and every one else doing comments in this box in love of ……… i dont want to be rude but what ever happen my love for you and for your work not change :)

  169. I don’t deserve to win over anyone else, I don’t have any baking qualifications and I don’t have a story to tell but what I do have is the love and artistic flair to create and I would love a chance to win something that will incourage that.

  170. Huge congrats on your milestone xx
    Dinky Dawn airbrush
    For cakes in a rush
    But if you have the time
    Then make them more sublime

  171. Hi Peggy. Congratulations again on your achievement. I’m so excited about this competition. I commented before using my personal profile (Diane Canham) but I had a problem sharing it on my page which I revived just for this competition. I have now entered using my ‘cake profile’ so that I can share the competition on my page. I’m a hobby baker at the moment but would like to soon turn my hobby into a home business. Winning this prize will give me the tools and knowledge to take my cakes to the next level. Thanks also for all the great links to some fabulous tutorials. This really helps so much. Can’t wait until I have reached a level where I can share with my community here in South Africa the skills needed for creating fabulous cakes :)

  172. I love baking and cake decorating its truely my passion and seeing the smiles I put on peoples faces. This airbrush kit would just be the icing on the cake. :) It would help me further my creativity and skills as a young decorator.

  173. I am a 64 year old grandmother that could really use this air brush and compressor set. I have always wanted one, but could not afford it. This would help me supplement my social security income.. I LOVE doing cakes and have done my 3 daughters wedding cakes and several other wedding cakes now I have 8 grandchildren and could really step it up a notch with an air brush kit. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest…. Happy Caking

  174. I’m saving up for an airbrush machine to us in my classroom. I teach special needs children Life Skills which includes cooking and baking. This would be an amazing addition to our kitchen!

  175. I would love to WIN, but most of all I enjoy looking at your work and sharing it on Facebook. You do an awesome job.

  176. I would love to win one of these prizes since I’m desperate to give airbrushing a go but can’t afford to treat myself. I’m self taught and feel like I’m at a point where I need to learn new skills to move forward in this industry. Thanks for giving us all the chance xx

  177. Stumbled upon your FB Page and felt such a regret that I didnt know about you sooner, so I could have visited your bakery in London when I was still in the UK. I got your books and love them! Every single page is a piece of art :)

    Your fan from Vietnam!

  178. Would love to win this for my daughter who has recently given up practicing law to stay home with her boys and has started a business. She is awesome and not had any classes, just learned watching MOM as she grew up be able to stay home with her kids by decorating cakes. She is buying supplies as she can afford to and this would be the icing on the cake!! Pick me Pick me!!

  179. Enjoy reading and seeing your cakes. What a great addition an air brush would make to my new business. I have so much to learn.

  180. I would love to win this prize package….because who doesn’t NEED more cake decorating tools!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  181. Hi Peggy. Congratulations again on your achievement. I’m so excited about this competition. I commented before using my personal profile (Diane Canham) but I had a problem sharing it on my page which I revived just for this competition. I have now entered using my ‘cake profile’ so that I can share the competition on my page. I’m a hobby baker at the moment but would like to soon turn my hobby into a home business. Winning this prize will give me the tools and knowledge to take my cakes to the next level. Thanks also for all the great links to some fabulous tutorials. This really helps so much. Can’t wait until I have reached a level where I can share with my community here in South Africa the skills needed for creating fabulous cakes :)

  182. Congratulations on your accomplishment! I’ve worked with air brushes in school and bakeries, but do not have one of my own. What a great prize!
    Keep inspiring!

  183. Congratulations!!!! I don’t have an airbrush yet and I would love to win this one. It’s on my wishlist. Sweet Treats by Mary Keith (Jazriene’s inspired)

  184. I started my home based buisnes on the 1th of june this year and I would love to win, because I ‘ve always liked airbrushing and I would love to use it on my cakes

  185. Hello lovely Peggy!!! what an amazing give-away!! I would so love to win the airbrush kit as I have used it once with Dawn and have had my eye on it for quite some time and just not able to purchase it right now… its gorgeous and fits into your handbag… the colours are fabulous too!!

  186. Congrats on all your likers! I am a hugs fan! I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this prize! I live in Tunisia and run my own caking business from home and finding cake decorating supplies, ingredients, and equipment is almost non-existent so I am forced to be very creative. Winning this prize will push my cake decorating to new heights and allow me to learna new skill and offer a whole new cake expereince to my customers.

  187. I’m just a humble home baker with many lessons to learn. If I had some things like this to play with I think I’d probably learn a little more quickly. :D You do such an amazing job. :D

  188. How generous of you! I do a lot of handpainting with brush and food coloring. An airbrush would certainly add a new dimension to my art. I love decorating cakes and seeing my visions come to life.

  189. Congratulations for your amazing success and talent! I would love so much to win because I just leave my career to start a new one in cake decorating… big move but I’m proud of it!

  190. Congrats on your contest giveaway ! I would like to win this prize because it’s a cool gift to win ! (Especially when you love to try new techniques like this one !!!!)

  191. Thank you so much for having this contest! I have a wedding cake coming up in the Spring that requires a pearlized finish on the fondant and an airbrush would make my life a lot easier for that cake!

  192. Awesome giveaway, I would love to win a air brush kit . I’m a cake and cookie maker/decorator and would love to add this to my toy box of supplies , thanks for the chance.

  193. Hey.. I would really love to win this giveaway cause currently I’m home baker and I love to decorate all my desserts like cookies and cakes cupcakes and brownies, and I’m planning a new business so, this would be of great help to me. Thanks

  194. Congratulations on achieving such a high following! I can only dream to be as popular as you one day. I am only a small home-run business at the moment mainly designing and making cakes for family and friends but looking to learn new skills such as airbrushing so that I can really stand out from the crowd. Trouble for me is I don’t have an enough extra income coming in to ever buy something like this as its very expensive especially when you have 3 daughters and a husband to look after! I have so many ideas I want to try out but know that in order to achieve the looks I want I would need an airbrushing kit. I would really love to take my cake decorating to the next level and create the Wow factor! I would be ecstatic to win the 3rd prize, let alone the 2nd or grand prize! Fingers and toes crossed! :)

  195. Hi!, I am verry excited with this giveaway. I’m form Mexico and starting bussines with my daugther, and love to have one of this. The bussines is for my grandson and littler daughter, age 6; my husben has diabetes, and need to help him. Hope to win. Thanke you very much for this opportinuty.

  196. Hello! I’m an amateur home baker from the philippines, i’m a fresh college graduate. baking and cake decorating is my passion, winning this fabulous items will definitely help me. in my coutry items like these are very expensive, and owning one is my dream. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win and own an item like these.

  197. Wow! Congrats on the 75000 likes milestone. It is awesome that you would give this awesome prize package out. I would love to be that person! But the real focus is you are awesome enough to get 75000 likes!!!!!!

  198. I want to b selected as a winner cause I’m a self taught cake decorator. Although compared with this site, I’m pretty much an amateur. I got a cupcakes book once as a gift and it uses airbrush, I have never done those or even use an airbrush and that would be great to learn as next stepbof my self taught experience. Thank you for your kindness of giving away prizes and everything looks amazing on this site!

  199. Oh my. Peggy, yours was the first cake page I “liked” on Facebook and through you I have found SO MANY amizing pages and learnt so much. My skills as a decorator have gone up since I “met” you and other professionals, and congratulations with your success.

    Now to the WHY I deserve to win. I can´t say. I do not feel like I deserve it any more than the person next to me. But the reason I WANT to win is because I live in Iceland and up here I do not have good access to tools like those you are about to give. And if I had the access, I´m not even sure I would afford it because everything is SO expensive here. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to improve my cake decorating business.

  200. Thank you for the opportunity of winning this amazing prize Peggy. I would love to win this prize, i have an airbrush that is very temperamental and i have never been able to get any detail work with it. Also it is not of Dawn Butler quality. Jackie from Baking from the Heart.

  201. I love your work and a big congratulations to you!! I find so much joy and fun baking and decorating cakes. I am gradually building up my arsenal of tools and equipment and this kit would be the ‘ icing on the cake ‘ ! Haha!

  202. First of all congrats…I would love to win this prize because i love making cakes and cookies but i don’t have lots of money for buying this instruments so it would help me a lot.

  203. First of all congrats…i would love to win this prize because i love making cookies and cakes but i dont have lots of money for buying this instruments so it would help me a lot.

  204. I would love to win this. I am a stay at home mom of two babiesthat I intend on home schooling. I am trying to start a home bakery so I may do what I love while being there for my kids. I can’t afford classes, so most of what I know is self taught with the exception of Wilton classes as a teen. This kit is exactly what I’ve been needing to improve my skills and expand my creativity :) -The Candied Moon

  205. After taking cake decorating classes with my mother and doing cake decorating this summer at a local Dairy Queen, I found a true passion in my life! I’m really considering cake decorating as my profession in life and would LOVE to have these tools!

  206. I would love to win this for my daughter who bakes cakes for her part time living (mostly its her full time job :) ) because I can’t ever afford to buy her anything. I am a breast cancer survivor (so far) and had to quit work because chemo made me hurt all over. So if I won this it would be super fantastic to give her for Christmas :).

  207. Congratulations Peggy on your amazing milestone! I have been looking into purchasing an airbrush, but winning one would be fantastic!! Thank you for this sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

  208. I’ve always loved the look of airbrushed cakes and wanted to learn. This would be a great addition to my limited skills. It would be very helpful in expanding my knowledge base.

  209. Awesome prizes are always nice to have a chance to win them. ty for the opportunity.. and congrats on the 75k.. more to come!!

  210. Would love to win this because i am trying to grow my business right now and an airbrush system could be the thing that pushes me further along and develops my artistry

  211. Congrats on your 75K your such an inspiration love all your work and thanks for the tutorials!! I recently started decorating cakes and an airbrush is out of my reach. This would be a great addition and help me take my creations to the next level. Thanks=)

  212. Why I’d Like to Win? Because I’m a Single Stay at Home Mom/Beginner Baker/Cake Decorator & what I make, bake & sell; all funds go to bills & rent. I learn what i know from books or online or just playing with what i have…which isnt much but all ive ever wanted was an air brush kit to advance myself & my cakes/cupcakes/etc. Winning the air brush kit or any of these would be a blessing to me…

  213. Congrats on hitting another Milestone!!! Awesome and I would LOVE to win this airbursh just the colors make me happy!!!

  214. Congratulations!!
    I would love to win one of these prizes to make even better en more beautiful cakes so hopefully I can make cakes a little bit compared to the artwork you make.

  215. Hello Peggy!! Congratulations!! 75k followers sound easier than it is!! It takes a lot of effort and time! I really like your blog!! ;) I want to win this prize because i’m starting my own business and it would take my cakes and cupcakes to an other level, I want them to be the most beautiful and to make myself proud, and to see that I can do this, and that I was born to make this, I never thought that I would see myself baking, and once I began, I couldn’t stop!! I love it with all my heart!! and this airbrush would make the artistic part of me!! I’m from México!! <3!! Congratulations again!! ;D!!

  216. Congrats on your beautiful page…i am new to the decorating world but i have always loved to bake…grew up baking all the time with my grandmother…i just finished the wilton 16 week cake decorating course and now i cant stop looking for new ideas…i totally am in love with cake decorating….winning a airbrush set could open a whole new world to me…and i am READY…

  217. I’ve wanted an airbrush for awhile! I’m just a hobby cookie decorator though, so I can’t justify spending money on one when money is so tight and it’s just for “fun”. Would LOVE to win this. Great giveaway!

  218. I want to win SO much. I am just a young baker who loves to bake so much. A lot of equipment is expensive and I would love to have some nice equipment to start making my cakes and to prosper at making my cakes, cupcakes, baking etc. Please, help me turn this passion into reality!

  219. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment, you certainly deserve it and much more! Thanks so much for the opportunity with such an awesome contest. I would love to win because…I love cake decorating/baking! I have wanted to branch out into air brushing for sometime but as of now the opportunity isn’t feasible due to finances. My daughter comes first :) Thanks again for such and amazing and generous opportunity.

  220. I would love to win this for it would make my cake decorating so much easier…..I am trying to start out (I am a self taught) a small cake decorating business from home, but am a bit short on funds and this would truly be appreciated……Luck to all who have entered

  221. If I won this giveaway I would feel like such a big girl in the cookie world! Ive watched video after video and read blog after blog but our budget just isn’t set for this type of equip. Hopefully I could expand! Congrats on your likes!

  222. Congratulations! Having an airbrush will be a great asset and new experience on expanding my love on learning new techniques in cake decorating.

  223. I am also a cake decorating hobbyist, just started in January. I love decorating cakes, its a great way to ease stress after the end of a bad day at work. This would be a great item to start me down the dream road of my own cake decorating business.

  224. I’m an avid baker and have been for years… but, recently I’ve decided to begin selling my sweet creations. This tool would be such an amazing blessing! I get dizzy just thinking of all the wonderful ways I could make my treats as delicious to the eyes as they are to the palate! Thank you for offering such an amazing opportunity!

  225. I am a baking student and would love to add this to my collection for decorating cakes! I’ve been pricing things like this and right now because I’m starting a new career and business and would love to be able to enhance my skills.

  226. Would love to win this great prize. Just entered my second cake contest yesterday. I’m trying to expand my cake knowledge, and this prize sure would help me with my decorating skills.

  227. Winning would help my husband and myself expand our local baking business and quite simply provide us with the extra funds to get the extras for our grandchildren that their parents cannot afford.

    Thanks for the opportunity; wish you much more success.
    Best wishes and good luck to everyone.

  228. Would absolutely love to win this air brush set never tried it before and I also am a self taught cake maker and designer love this hobby. And so does my daughter… thankyou and congrats on your pages. xxx

  229. I Would love to win this incredible and amazing prize because it will be a wonderful tool to keep expanding my culinary arts program knowledge, with this tool you can go from de ordinary to the extraordinary, thanks for this opportunity and good luck to everyone ;)

  230. I would love to win so I could make awesome cookies for my 3 girls in less time. I could also make so many more creative cookies that they ask for with an airbrush machine!!

  231. I would love to have the opportunity to win the airbrush set! I have wanted one for so long! Thanks for having this giveaway!! It would definitely give me a boost to my small business!

  232. I would love to win and pray I win It:) hehe.. It will be awesome to have one of these. I want to win this, so that I can learn the art of airbrushing and someday be as good as you :)
    Crossing my fingers to win it :)

    Thank you for letting us enter you are very sweet and wonderful person
    wish you an awesome day

  233. CONGRATS ON UR ACHIEVEMENT! I would love to win one of these giveaways. This definitely will help to grow my home based business to a new level.

  234. I would love to win this giveaway. I am a cake and cookie decorator and an airbrush system would be a fantastic addition to my current tools and supplies. I am a military wife and we arent able to afford to buy one straight out….hope I win!! :) Thank you for having the giveaway! :)

  235. Hi Peggy, thank you for the opportunity to win, you must have a biiiig heart! I have been dreaming about this airbrush, but I live in such a small island in Estonia, that it´s too expensive for me, alltrough I bake a lot. It would be a dream come true for me….
    I will you a billion shares and all the best!

  236. So wonderful givaway..thank you so much…I would love to win this incredible prize because I live in Greece and despite the fact that we don’t have such things here (cake schools, 3d cakes, decorating tools…), I have become a self-taught beginner cake decorator…but I still have a lot of things to learn…I wish I had an airbrush kit!!!

  237. Being in the cake decorating for few years, this is the first time I ever saw that some one is giving away such a good, handy and in fashion price. I will never buy me one because it is just too expensive for me . It will alwasys stay on my wishlist

  238. Hi, I would abseloutely love to win this kit. I am a stay at home mommy and baker/cake decorator. I’m trying to get my baking business of the ground. If I can’t do this I will have to go back to work full time and leave my baby girl with a nanny.

  239. Wow, you’d creations are amazing, as are Peggy’s! I am going through a tough divorce here and am looking to start over in life with my two small kiddos (5 and 7, they are my angels!). I want to start my own business where I can work around their schedules and be with them as much as possible! Winning one of these fabulous prize packages would mean I’d have a competitive edge over others in my small town, and would give me that chance to recover, regroup and succeed!!!

  240. Hmm my first comment never showed up? I had to scroll forever, your giveaway is as popular as you are(almost). First off, Congratulations on this huge achievement, you must be so proud, flattered and excited to have over 80000 people support you and your work!!! I have been a huge fan for a very long time and it’s so exciting to see you and many other cake and cookie artists grow to beyond possibilities!!! I, like everyone else would love to win one of these amazing packages! The airbrushed at Dinkledoodle are beautiful and who wouldn’t want an autographed book from you? I have wanted an airbrush for a long time, and I am still donating to my rainy day jar to help purchase one. An airbrush would help me sooo much! I feel limited to what Dustin powders and a spray bottle with food colouring and vodka can do ;p . I would honestly use an airbrush with every project, and would be ecstatic if I won…. Congratulations again!!! Yay! And here’s to many more giveaways and many more fans for you Peggy, I am truly excited for you, make sure you take in all the love as this really is all about you and your inspiration to all of us fans and followers!!!

  241. First of all, congrats for 75,000!!! I would really love to win.. I am an enthusiastic beginner home baker. I studied graphic design but now, I’d really reconsider my job in the future :) if I would win it’d be an huge step forward for me because in my country all this tools are very expensive. Be blessed!

  242. My mom and I do cakes together! She’s not only my mom, but my best friend! We love making cakes! You can check out our Facebook page Oh Goodies here

    I have always loved the airbrush look so this would be amazing to win! Airbrushing gives cakes that extra umph plus a richness and depth of artistic creativity that would bring our cakes to life!

  243. Hi Peggy just like you I am an up and coming young chef just beginning my career focusing at the moment on cake creation and wining this contest would not only benefit me now but in the long run as I aim to bring a different style and class to cake creations in my small island of St.Kitts and Nevis.

  244. Holy moly it took for-EVER to scroll down to the bottom of these comments! Simply put, I’d love to win because I’ve been wanting an airbrush for a long, long, time but really can’t afford to splurge on something for myself and for some reason Santa ignores my letter every Christmas, or maybe I’m on the naughty list? Nahhh, that can’t be it ;)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  245. i would really love to win! im starting on the cake bussines and earning soo much and this would really help me with my clesses!

  246. Thanks for the giveaway! I am trying to supply my income as I am a widow, and baking has become my dream and my hobby. Airbrush will be perfect to help me get on the right track! thank you!!

  247. I want to win because I’ve spent all the money I budgeted for cooking making on cookie cutters! It’s a dangerous obsession!
    I never win anything but I’m hoping this is my giveaway to win.
    Thanks for the chance!

  248. I am a self-taught home baker/cake decorator, and I love to do it. I have been planning to enhance my skills by taking classes and learning more, but school made it so I haven’t had time unfortunately. Being a baker/cake decorator for a career has always been in the back of my mind even as I go through college, and winning this airbrush set would really encourage me to pursue what I feel is my true passion. I would love to be able to create pieces to make people happy for their special occasion on a regular basis. I feel that winning this airbrush set would set me in the right direction to enhancing my cake decorating skills, and I would be so happy to win! Thank you and congratulations on 75K!

  249. I would luv one for myself but more so for my daughter, whose a self taught Cake Boss!!! Shes a stay at home Mom  bakes to hv a lil extra money in her pocket!!! This would be the ideal gift for her n at the time I can’t afford one, so this would be the one thing id luv to win!!! Wishing my self luck!!! =)

  250. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Peggy. Keeping my fingers crossed. Have a Airbrush that has been driving me crazy so was saving up to be able to buy one. Winning may be the icing on my cake.. Thanks again – Shared this on my page Veena’s Art of Cakes

  251. I would love to win this price because it would help me to evolve in my work, and I will learn new technics!

    thanks for the giveaway!
    Emilie from France.

  252. Hello!!! My name is Ayah, I’m 21 years old, and I own a business called Dallas Cake Studio!!! I would love to win since I have 2 airbrushes that stopped working on me :( and I dont have extra money to buy one especially since im about to open my new cake studio! Also, I never win anything!!! So it would be super awesome!!! Thank you :)

  253. I don’t make cakes but would love to adapt the the techniques for my cookie designs. Airbrushing is hands down one of my favorite ways to decorate.

  254. Congratulations! !! Wow this sounds amazing! Im a self taught baker myself and about to begin cake decorating from home, this will definitely give me a great advantage over competition in this competitive city!! Fingers crossed :)

  255. Congratulations on your amazing number of likes, such an achievement! I would love to win such great prizes and would be able to use them on loads of projects! Jenni from Nightingale Cakes ( )

  256. This would end my “long line” problem! ;) Right now, I use my husband’s pancake compressor in the garage and I have to turn it down really low. He has a really long line that will reach my kitchen and then I hook up my shorter line to it (so the yucky line doesn’t get near my cake!) He gets on to me that I forget to turn it back up so he can air up his tires ;) Not only that, but that whole set is AWESOME and will help me develop my airbrushing skills ;) I love decorating cakes and cookies and the airbrush has helped me add another dimension to my work. Thank you for having this give away! :)

  257. Thanks for the giveaway, I’d like to be one of the lucky three and be able to win one of these fantastics Awards, to learn how to paint with airbrush. thank you so much

  258. am trying to get back into baking and this would be wonderful to have, trying to add to my income as i’m on ss and sould love to learn how it’s done….love it! thanks

  259. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I realize my chances are slim but write this would be an answer to prayers. I am am ER nurse and a baker. I bake for a release. How amazing it would be to win.

  260. What an amazing answer to prayer this would be. Thank you for the chance to win. I’m an ER nurse and baker on my days off mostly but on extraordinary days I do both. Baking and decorating are my release. Have been wanting to have am airbrush kit for quite some time.

  261. I would be thrilled to win as I can’t afford to make a purchase this big with being a home baker with my third baby on the way!! :)

  262. I woukd love to win because I have always wanted an airbrush machine but they are so expensive. When I airbrush cakes I use the wilton mist and it doesnt do as good as an actual airbrush machine would..

  263. This would be just amazing to win. I can only imagine what I could create with this amazing machine. I am so excited, just at the prospect of winning :)

  264. Would love to win this prize since I’m self taught in the wonderful world of cake and cookie decorating and this would take my designs to the next level!

  265. Congrats Peggy!
    I am such a newbie you’d probably never notice but I love and admire your work! The cake airbrush would be a dream to help me keep doing what I love, more beautifully!

  266. This would be such a huge blessing to win this! As a home baker just starting out, funds are scarce and this would allow me to offer awesome airbrushed designs on my cakes.

  267. Who wouldn’t want to win this super bitchin’ airbrush kit? I’m definitely top of the list! Ohhh what I would give to be a winner. Come onnnnn Rafflecopter, pick me!

  268. The reason for me wanting to win this prize would be because not only I love to bake and decorate cakes and I am self taught. If I were to win this prize it would help me do many more decorating techniques and decorations. And make my customers happy.

  269. I would love to win this for my husband!! He loves decorating cakes and Really wants to give his cakes a jump out at you look!!! He works hard and this is his outlet! I would love to see his face if I won this for him!!! Congratulations on your accomplishment aswell

  270. The reason for me wanting to win this prize would be because not only I love to bake and decorate cakes and I am self taught. If I were to win this prize it would help me do many more decorating techniques and decorations. And make my customers happy.

  271. I would love to win because it would be nice to learn to use an airbrush. I work out of my home and only use to do buttercream cakes. Now learning to work with fondant. Airbrushing will add that much needed detail. Thanks for a chance to win an amazing prize. xoxox

  272. The reason for me wanting to win this prize would be because not only I love to bake and decorate cakes and I am self taught. If I were to win this prize it would help me do many more decorating techniques and decorations. And make my customers happy.

  273. I would love to win this for my Husband!! He makes wonderful cakes and I know he would love it if I showed him that I won this for him!! Congratulations on this huge milestone

  274. actually, i dont want to win this prize package for me, i want to win it for my mother in law, who was the one who got me started on cake decorating, i think she would love a newer system for her cake decorating. she does birthday cakes, baby shower cakes but what got me into it was when i was seeing what she was doing for wedding cakes, the flowers she was making for one cake looked so real that it was hard to believe that they werent.

  275. Would love to win this airbrush set to expand my horizons and be able to teach my kids at home exactly what I do at work and keep the creativity flowing.

  276. I need this set to learn air brushing. I’ve been wanting to purchase, but they are very expensive here in Indonesia. This tool would expand my skill to a new level, I wish my business would be like yours…
    Congrats for the 75 K hits !

  277. Wow, Wow, Wow! Congrats on the milestone and what a prize!!! I am a hobby baker, mostly for my kiddos, but there is SO much I want to TRY and improve my skills and technique!! I can only drool over the airbrushes at the store right now, and this would be…well, just AWESOME!

  278. I would really love to win this air brush, because last week i made tracy island from the thunderbirds the island a mix of grey, brown and green. I had to paint it and the colours didnt blend well and it left brush strokes, it was not my best work, even thou the customer was happy with it i knew it could have been awesome, so that is why i would like to win so i dont feel guilty delivering a cake that i know could have been better.

  279. Congratulations on this milestone and for sharing your blessings to others ! I would love to win this airbrush package and be able to start learning and practicing on my cakes. – Mimi

  280. OMG I LOVE your cakes!!!!! I love cake decorating and I think the airbrush kit will help me with the next level of cake decorating. I have always wanted to learn how to airbrush cakes… I think it adds a beautiful touch to the cakes… Thank you for this opportunity :)

  281. WOW!!! this is relly great!! those items are included in my wishlist.. please… be my fairy godmother and make my wish come true… ^_^

  282. WOW!!! this is really great! those items are included in my wishlist… please… be my fairy godmother and make my wish come true… ^_^

  283. Such an amazing prize for a wonderful achievement. Hopefully I will be able to get to that number one day myself (I am 0.7% there – go me!). I am sure the airbrush will definitely help by making my creations stand out amongst the crowd.

    Would be wonderful to win, but if not congratulations to the lucky people. :)

  284. I would love to win as i would like to continue discovering new techniques in cake decorating. I am not a professional at all and only bake for the fun and love of being creative and seeing the joy on my kids faces when its their birthday. I can’t afford to spend the $$ on airbrush tool just for those reasons but would love to give it a try.

  285. WOW!!!! this is really great.. those items are included in my wishlist..although a simple one would be enough but this would be deinitely melt my heart with joy.. oh please… be my fairy godmother and make my wish do come true… ^_^

  286. WOW!!!! this is really great.. those items are included in my wishlist..although a simple one would be enough but this would be definitely melt my heart with joy.. oh please… be my fairy godmother and make my wish do come true… ^_^

  287. I love your work and have been following you for a while now. I would love to win this prize. I do not have an airbrush yet and would love to be able to incorporate it in to my cakes.

  288. Thanks for offering such a fantastic prize!! Airbrushing is one of many cake decorating techniques that I would love to learn :)

  289. Congratulations on you 75000 +likers only if i could get there :) I set my facebook page up wrong from the beginning :( anyway I would love to enter for the competition, just for the simply reason Cake decorating is my passion…I love making cakes and creating something always different and unique and I think the airbrushing kit will add the extra special touch that is required…it is every (women) cake decorators dream to own a beautiful machine and treat it better than there hubbies …hahaha .. joking aside…I WOULD ADORE ONE…Thankyou for giving everyone around the world the opportunity to enter :) have a Bakey day :)

  290. I would love to win so my 7 yo can wrap it and put it under the xmas tree for me so i can have an awesome pressie, instead of me giving her $20 to buy myself something from her. lol The I can make her some awesome Birthday cakes

  291. Congratulations Peggy! Thanks to both you and Dawn for the chance to win a fabulous Dinkydoodle airbrush. I’ve been secretly coveting one for a while now, and have one on my Christmas wish list. Now hoping Santa comes early this year :)

  292. I have been decorating cakes for about a year now. It is something my mom did before she died and apparently I am talented as well but cake decorating supplies are expensive and I am limited as to what I can do because I just can’t afford it.

  293. 75k followers wow what an achievement but then you’d be mad not to follow you … you and such a generous giveaway I’ve wanted an airbrush kit now for a while but just cant seem to get around to it theres always something else thats needed for the family but how amazing would it be to win

  294. I have been decorating for a year now. This is something my mom did before she died as well and she was an awesome decorator. In love it but the supplies are so expensive so I am limited on what I can do.

  295. I would LOVE to win such an awesome prize. I have an airbrush, but it, along with the compressor, is about to die. I live in Antigua in the caribbean, and to bring in something like this is so expensive. I just can’t afford it at the moment and I would die without my airbrush!! Love your posts!

  296. I would love to win this amazing price for an up and coming baker. She is just starting out and can’t afford to buy a lot of supplies.

  297. I would love to win this prize. Oh the intricate designs I could do on my cookies! Although, unfortunately, I am very disappointed that I cannot do the 10 entries in the giveaway, as I do not have a fan page, nor do lots of others I know.

  298. Congratulations on your success!
    I love to bake! Everything started from curiosity when i was just 5 years old, and today it`s my passion and therapy! I can`t bake and feeling down. There is something magical mixing flour and sugar. I guess little cake-fairies are coming and sprinkle some fairy dust otherwise I can`t explain why people love so much pastry and feel happy when baking!
    But a good recipe is not enough. That`s why I would be very happy if I win an airbrush kit, so I can show the beauty of pastry to my little fellows, who love baking ( I show to children how easy and liberating is to bake ).
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us, so everyday can be an amazing pastry fairytale!

  299. I have had this on my wish list for a couple of years now. I’d love to learn about using it and take my cakes to the next level!

  300. Congratulations on such a well deserved milestone. I would love to win the airbrush to really take my cake decorating to the next level. This has started as a hobby that has really become an obsession!

  301. I would be crazy!!! I need to win this prize because I’m a brazilian cake designer and here in Brazil every tool is veeery expensive!!! It will help me a lot in my work!!! Ludmila Carvalho Sena

  302. I am a graphic designer and I got into decorating cakes for my four children’s birthdays. I have learned to use an airbrush, but not on cake. I’ve been taking classes trying to improve my skill set. I would love to win this give away so I can step up my cakes!

  303. Hi Peggy, what a nice opportunity to win a airbrush!
    I want it so bad but so bad….that i can´t describe it!!!
    Let’s try out and see if i’m the lucky one (hope so)!
    Be one of the winners will make me very happy (and the christmas it’s almost here) :)

  304. The airbrush is a piece of equipment I have wanted for so long. Of course I would love to win. So many uses for the airbrush, large and small. Fingers crossed I win this time.

  305. I would LOVE to win because I have a cheap, old, beat up, no good, very bad airbrush machine that spits like a camel when I try to use it. It ruins all of my hard work, so winning this would make my life sooo much easier!! Thank you for bringing this amazing giveaway to us, and congrats on your accomplishment!

  306. Hi Peggy I would love love love to win, course anyone would what a great prize and congratulations. This would be a valuable asset for my lil cake business, ive been wanting one for sometime and would make my life easier and faster. thanks so much for all your awesome creations you share and the ones of ours you so kindly share on your page. Happy caking!

  307. My very best friend does catering all of tge time. For the last three years she’s done a lot of baking at my home because I have double ovens. She had taken me under her wing to teach me techniques and I’m enthralled by baking now. However I do not have a lot of the baking untensils…pans..etc and they are quite expensive. I have the teacher now and winning this would put me in the position to learn more skills!! Julia Childs watch out!!

  308. I would love to win this prize because I have not yet played with such a fun looking piece of equipment ;-) this would make a fabulous addition to my cookie making collection and the possibilities would be ENDLESS! The layering and detail that I could do with this……..AH-mazing!!!!!!!

  309. Would really appreciate this item. I have just started cake decorating about 4 months. I would like to be good enough to bring in a small income for my family. A gift like this would be really helpful. Thanks Jamie

  310. I would love to win one of these! This is a fantastic prize. I can be more creative. I am teaching one of my son the art of baking and he is really good and after I master something like this I can take him to the next level and he can start the teen a cooking challenges.
    Your facebook page and blog give me lots of inspirations.

  311. Hello from Austria :)
    I’m a full time Medicine student and a part-time cake baker/decorator as my creative outlet (and to earn a little on the side, since my full schedule doesn’t allow me to have a permanent job)
    I love your Facebook page and would love to try my hand at airbrushing cakes :) can’t wait to see if I’m one of the winners!
    Best wishes,

  312. Congratulations!!!! and thank you. I am expecting to win…. It will be a great blessing, I have being wanting an air brush from a long time….. I just can imagine the awesome it could be.

  313. Winning this prize would be a blessing! I have been setting funds aside, little by little, for various items on my wish list and this is one of them! This would be awesome.

  314. I’m just getting into the cake and cookie decorating world, but I’ve had my eye on an airbrush for a long time! This would be the perfect addition to my kitchen!

  315. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!! I am a curent home baker, trying to start up “Jenny Girl Cakes” and this would be a huge boost to what I can do! Good luck to all the sugar shakers in the world!

  316. Yay! Would love, love, love to win this air brush set up!! I am a homebaker that loves to create beautiful cakes for my friends and family. Winning this would be totally awesome for taking my cakes to another level!! Yours truly!! Deanna Lynette

  317. I would love this awesome prize because i am getting into baking and it will help go the next level. I love looking at other people’s creativity and learning it myself and it would be an awesome birthday gift for me because my birthday is the 15th of this month :D

  318. Congrats on 75k likes! I have been researching airbrush machines for my Christmas present..This I came across your giveaway! Awesome prize! I would love to win to an airbrush machine to help expand my techniques.

  319. I would sooooo love love love to win this! As a new cake decorator I have spent soooooooooooooooo much money on new supplies… you know how it goes, you need to invest and keep investing! An Airbrush gun is soooo next on my bucket list of items! What an amazing thing to win… please :-)

  320. Me encantaría ganar ya que en mi país es muy difícil conseguir tan buen material y excelentes tutoriales de profesionales destacados! :)

  321. WOW… I would just love to win this great airbrushing system … It would help me learn some of the new things that have evolved in cake decorating. I am just getting back into decorating after not doing it for 20 years and there are lots of techniques I need to learn.

  322. I would love to win this to broaden my talent of cake decorating. I am a painter and think that I could use my painting skills to create beautiful cakes using an airbrush! I adore your work and can only wish one day to have your talent….I think winning your giveaway would help tremendously! Congratulations!

  323. I love to bake and my son does too. We get together on projects he helps me and I help him he is amazing at cake decorating.

  324. Seeing beautiful cake creations recently has inspired me start making cakes again I would love to win the airbrush kit to bring my cake to the next level

  325. Congratulations Peggy!!! You are such an inspiration to me. I absolutely love all of the amazing pictures you share with your fan base. I would be so honored to win an air brush!! It would be put to lots of good use.

  326. congratulations, i’m a hobby baker, with each cake i’m asked to make my obsession grows alongside my bank balance getting less and less, i would love to win the airbrush to enable me to take my cake decorating to the next level, it would be amazing to be able to make cakes even half as good as yours.

  327. Dreamt of the airbrush long ago… Am a baker and i ll be glad for a giveaway like this! This would give me a lifetime opportunity of creating beautiful customized and artistic 3d cakes for my customers! Love your blog and sugary creation! Keep up the good work love. And congrats xoxo!

  328. I would love to win this prize so that I may expand my cake decorating capabilities, I hand decorate all my cakes and have never done airbrushing. Thank you for having this fantastic giveaway and congratulations on your 75K!!

  329. I would love to have this airbrush set! I think it is exactly the push I need to start my own decorating business. I have been reluctant to start my business because I can’t afford equipment like this.

  330. What a beautiful set of prizes! It would be so awesome to win any of them. I have been making cakes and special desserts for a while now and have longed for a good airbrush and colors. The effect and the shading makes such a beautiful difference in the cake design. Hope I win, Hope I win.

  331. My 11 year old wants to open a cake business! So! I signed us both up for classes! My daughter is amazing! And being this her dream at 11! I am helping this dream come true for her!!
    She always wanted a Airbrush set! She begged to go to a Cake Convention . And thats where we saw the Airbrush kit! There ws a drawing for it and other prizes.
    But she wanted the Airbrush set.
    Well! She didn’t win! But I told her there weren’t many 11 year olds that have an interest that she does in cake design!
    I said! Maybe next time you can win!!

    Well!! This just maybe the time!!

  332. I am just starting up my cake business and would LOVE to have this.I have been wanting one but can’t afford it right now with all the other expenses there is to start a business.

  333. I would love to win this kit, to learn from YOUR expertise, and to take my cake decorating to a whole new level. Won’t you PLEASE help me out? I can’t wait to see what all else you have to offer in the future – Happy baking! And continued success!!!

  334. Hello Peggy congrats on your accomplishment! My name is June and I am a stay at home mommy of 5 and a grandma to 1. I am to an at home baker and love decorating cakes, cookies, cake pops etc…This would be an awesome prize to win not only cuz it would allow me to do greater and better things by learning new techniques but would also allow me to grow in what I truly love to do and that’s baking.

  335. Congrats! Maybe you have other people who need it more than me but I would like to win because I’m starting to make cakes to sustain the needs of the family and I have no equipment. Thanks, and God bless you.

  336. First of all Peggy, congratulations on 75k followers! You definitely deserve it with all the hard work you’ve done over the years!

    I would love to win this prize as it’s hard to find new things to improve my caking skills that still fall into the budget of a family of 6.

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